Hi there!

I’m Mark Krummelbein.

Weird last name, right?  One of only four in the nation.

I’m an IT Product Developer and a freelance consultant, and I fancy myself a creative thinker, a tinkerer and a generally always curious person.

I love the challenge of finding new and exiting knowledge, and applying this to the world in ways that makes the lives of the people inhabiting it, just a little bit better every time.

I do all sorts of stuff, but mostly, I define myself as a:

  • Concept developer
  • Visual facilitator
  • Interaction and User Experience designer

Have a look at some of all the cool stuff I do:


Or you could go and have a look at the rest of my projects here


Don’t be shy, get in touch.

I am always looking for new opportunities and challenges, and I promise I won’t bite.